Handouts & Resources

This page has handouts and resources from some of the presentations made on club days or other useful stuff. Be patient - it might take 30 seconds or more to display the list of files. Just click to open or download

Some useful YouTube videos about online safety

Online Safety: A guide to senior citizens 1:47 min is a short US made video. It intros how seniors are vulnerable. As a bunch we are quite trusting, plus many have assets they have built up over time. They can also be easily 'conned' if their knowledge is poor. So keep informed!

Phishing Explained 1:33 min, is a US or Canadian video that explains the risk of links in emails. Always remember that just because something or some person CLAIMS to be someone does NOT mean that they are. Emails are safe to open. Its the links and attachments that can be dangerous.

Scam Awareness Week 2:39 mins is a 2019 Australian video. Has much the same message as the above one. Helps reinforce the message

The worst passwords of 2019 1:49 mins, gives some great tips about passwords and how to manage them.

Hacker Kevin Mitnick on password managers and online safety 1:31 mins. Kevin Mitnick was one of the early US hackers and started doing it at age 12. He was on the FBI most wanted list and a fugitive for 2 1/2 years as they just didn't know where he was. One of his very readable books is tiled 'Ghost in the Wires'. Much of his hacking was not technical, just straight con artist work – ie ‘social engineering’.

The FBI and US judiciary were so out of touch with technology that they convinced a judge that Mitnick was so dangerous that he could "start a nuclear war by whistling into a pay phone". So he spent 8 months in solitary.

Mitnick now gives talks and seminars and runs his own security consulting firm that tests the security of companies that hire him - including the FBI and government departments that earlier had chased and convicted him!