Handy Websites

Hunter Valley Bus (CDC) Timetables and website lets you download their latest timetables, or plan a trip using the Transport NSW system

Transport NSW site lets you plan a trip anywhere within the bounds of Scone, Dungog, Lithgow, Moss Vale and Nowra. It covers trains, buses, ferries and light rail. Click here for the trip planner with all options.

If you need to travel outside the above area then click here to plan and book rail trips for anywhere in NSW

Lake Macquarie Council website has lots of info and links to happenings around the lake.

The MyGov website lets you access your Centrelink, Medicare, Health, DVA etc records. You do need a free MyGov account and password which you can get here You will need to provide details to get the account.

Get a free Google account that will give you gmail emails, calendars, google docs and plenty of other free stuff. Once you have a gmail account then you can access your emails from any internet connected device - ie computer, tablet, smartphone.

Compare Electricity Plans at this government run site to see if there is a cheaper retailer than what you currently use. You will need an old bill to enter some of the details. There are several other comparison sites however some have biases to particular retailers or don't compare them all.

Hunter Women’s Centre, Mayfield is a non-government, not for profit, community based organisation which provides services to improve the health and wellbeing of the women of the Hunter.

Westlakes Stroke Recovery Group. Contact through Stroke Recovery NSW 1300 650 594 or email info@strokensw.org.au. The National Stroke Foundation exists to offer the Australian Community the information and support they need to prevent stroke, live with stroke and to work effectively in stroke health services.

WEA Hunter is an independent non-profit community based organisation whose sole aim is to promote and provide educational opportunities for adults. It has a long and proud history as the leading provider of community based adult learning in the Hunter Region.

Family and Community Services (FACS) is a NSW Government department that seeks to break disadvantage and see that people are included in their communities.

Hunter Community Legal Centre provides free legal advice to people who live, work or study in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, Great Lakes and Hunter Valley regions.

Scamwatch is an Australian government website that has a lot of quality information and tips on avoiding being scammed. They produce an excellent free booklet 'The little black book of scams'. If you want copies for relatives, or a groups you are in, you can order online and they will post out for free up to 100 copies. Just stress on recipients to read the bloody thing!!!

The Scamwatch site also have some good short online videos

GCFLearnFree Internet Safety tutorial covers the basics of safety and passwords

Safety Detective site has a very good The Ultimate Internet Safety Guide for Seniors They also have links to where you can get heavily discounted antivirus programs (that is if you want more than what the free ones offer)

BFS Seniors Online training module Safety on the Internet / Internet Safety.

Redfin has a very detailed article on Tech Safety Tips for Seniors

Download the free version of Legacy genealogy recording program. You do need to provide an email address so you get the password (currently legacy8). Do browse their learning site

A great Australian website to help get records and ideas from is CoraWeb Do allow plenty of time to browse it. Also to try the links that she offers.

Download calibre which is an excellent free program to manage, convert and read ebook. Make sure to browse the links on the help page which includes links to introductory videos. Note that the video is for an early version of calibre, however the general principles of usage are still the same.

Toronto Community Centenary Hub offers free basic computer, smartphone and tablet training to Hub members ($10 / year)

Woodrising Neighbourhood Centre offers community help with financial, gambling and family counselling.

GCFLearnFree Android tutorial for iPad users try their iPad tutorial

BFS Seniors Online training module Mobile Devices / Intro to Android. There is also an iPad tutorial.

Digital Unite is a UK based site that has 400+ how to guides for technology.

Gizmos site is a great website for free software with good reviews, comparisons and safe links to download.

A Seniors Guide to Computer Basics. This is a US site but it also has plenty of other helpful articles for seniors. Just check the categories sidebar at the site.

The Best Website Builders has a good comparison of just that. It doesn't mention Google Sites which is how this site was built :-(

Injury prevention and other statistics about computers and devices. This site has a lot of interesting and helpful material. The link came 'out of the blue' from a lovely email from a Carla Rodriguez, a computer technician promoting STEM to kids (STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths):

Hi Mr Harvey,

I work for an organization that helps kids get more interested in STEM, and my group and I are learning about how the technology around us affects our health! The goal is for the kids to learn about it and put on a presentation to one of the other classes so that they learn about technology, public speaking, and working together to do research! As a class, we have been doing some research and came across your page http://www.wscclub.net/handy-links

and wanted to say thanks! You've got some really helpful information that gave my group some awesome ideas!

The kids also found this reference that we noticed wasn't listed on your page https://online.regiscollege.edu/master-of-public-health/health-impact-computer-mobile-usage/

we thought it was super helpful and informative and since we recently talked about being a "good Digital Citizen," they wanted to pass along something they found helpful! We were wondering if you could add it to your page, I'd love to show them that their hard work has helped somebody else!

I might even surprise them with a little ice cream party haha


I hope the kids all get that ice cream party!! Maybe we should have one at one of our seniors computer club meetings.

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