Of Use to Seniors

This page is a collection of links and material that could be of particular use to seniors.

Staying safe online

So you think you are scam savvy? Do this simple quiz and then read this Tech Safety Tips for Seniors article.

The reality is that the best protection is between your ears. And the connection from your brain to the left mouse finger. Use both.

Avoid programs that promise to clean your computer, make it faster, mow the lawn etc.

Resources for Internet Safety

Scamwatch is a government site where you can report scams as well as subscribe for regular email alerts about new and old ones. Some useful browsing is the types of scams and how to protect yourself.

Free antivirus programs are fine for most seniors. Its hard to nominate one over the other as they constantly vie to outdo each other. These are credible review sites with links Toms Guide, PC Mag, Tech Radar Gizmos. (I'm currently using Bit Defender and quite happy with it.)

As secondary protection Malwarebytes is highly recommended. The free version is a 14 day 'trial' version so it will nag you to buy it at day 14 onward. You can disable a lot of this in the program settings.

Tactics used by online fraudsters with online dating and lonely hearts sites.

Online Internet Banking.

This is something that can be a real boon for seniors, however many are very reluctant to even consider it. Those who do try it are very happy that they did.

If you are a reluctant 'toe dipper' then please check some of the links opposite.

Resources for Online Banking

Westlakes Seniors Computer Club Video on online banking using the Greater Bank's online system

Commbank has a huge range (322) of YouTube videos but its a challenge finding what you want!! Here's some relevant ones BPay, Transfer $, Balances, Some common 'How To's', Mobile App

ANZ Internet Banking is covered in quite a range of youtube videos

Newcastle Permanent They have YouTube videos explaining logging in, preferences and services, basic functions, using their mobile app

ME Bank has quite a range of internet banking videos. Their How To playlist of 8 videos and another 7 videos about their Mobile App

My Gov.

My Gov is an Australian 'portal' to other government services. A sort of 'one stop shop'

Resources for My Gov

MyGov gives you access to government online services such as Tax, Centrelink, Veterans Affairs, Medicare, My Aged Care etc. They have a clearly written help page and explanatory videos

Once you set up a MyGov account then to get use out of it you have to link to the other services. So there is a bit of fiddling to start with.

Electricity and Gas

With power and gas prices going up, its definitely worthwhile seeing what is on offer. You are no longer beholden to Energy Australia / Ausgrid, even though they own the poles and wires.

Resources for Electricity and Gas

The governments Energy Made Easy website gives an unbiased comparison of electricity and gas suppliers. Do take the time to read the other material on the site. Also make sure to use the sort buttons at the top of the search results.

An app is available for tablets and smartphones to show how much you save by changing to LED or CFL bulbs. eg change a 50W halogen downlight bulb that is used 3 hrs a day to a LED one and you save $11 a year; $12.50 if replacing a normal 60w bulb.

Phone and Internet.

Find out about the NBN at Choice. Also a page of Frequently Asked Questions

Don't be afraid to switch from Telstra or Optus. There are plenty of other quality and very competitive providers.

Resources for Phone and Internet

Check your address for the NBN connection type and when it is planned to occur. It seems like we are getting a mix of Fibre to the Curb and the inferior Fibre to the Node all depending on your street address.

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO). Make, or update a Complaint. Contact them via phone, email, mail. TIO phone number is 1800 062 058

How to find a suitable NBN plan? Canstar is a well regarded comparison site. They use the excellent WhistleOut comparison system. You can filter by data, spend, address, bundles and other criteria.


As we age and bits start to not work the way they used to then Dr Google can be both useful and dangerous.

Dangerous in that a site can convince you as having an incurable, death is imminent type illness BUT that they have the miracle product that will fix it! If the site has adverts or glowing testimonials then look elsewhere. Snake oil salespersons are alive and well on the net!

If you find a promising site then look for corroborating information at .gov, .org and ..edu type sites.

Resources for Health

This link finds all the Australian government sites for 'Aged Health'

National Institute on Ageing has a lot of quality health info. Its an American site

My Aged Care has a good Health Resources page in particular with a lot of health related links

Better Health in Victoria is another reputable site. Check out their A-Z of health info

National Health Services Directory is the source of health and related services in Australia. Just enter your postcode in the box partway down the page. Or use the Advanced Search link under it.


There is a wealth of entertainment on the internet. MORE WORK TO BE DONE

Resources for Entertainment

Spotify, Pandora are both music streaming services with free and paid versions. Or check the links at Lifewire


Radio. TuneIn, TuneIn Australia, Radioau, AustraliaFM, Streema Australia


eBooks Youtube, Netflix, Stan

Shares, Investing, Finance


Resources for Shares, Investing, Finance

Sharemarket Game can be used to learn about shares.

The ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) also has tutorialsabout the many different financial products, shares, bonds etc that it handles.

ESSI (Earning, Saving, Spending, and Investing) is aimed at secondary school students

GCF Learn Free has tutorials about finance

Family Tree / Genealogy.

This is a very addictive interest for many seniors.

Resources for Family Tree / Genealogy

Online DNA Test caution

These are 'closed' Facebook groups that are free to join.

Australian Genealogy Facebook Group 7000 members.

My Ancestors came to Australia, 18,000 members

CoraWeb has a HUGE supply of links to genealogy resources. Very highly regarded.

Lake Macquarie Family History Group has many links