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This page has links and tips to help with the smooth running of your device.

Windows reinstallation 'boot' media. If you need to reinstall Windows from scratch, or do some serious repair work then you need the installation DVD. Problem is that many computers come with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) versions of Windows. You need to obtain them from the PC manufacturer and many don't have them - bugger. For retail versions of Windows you can try these sites:

  • How-To Geek has a good article on it.

  • Microsoft download sites for Windows 7 Windows 8.1 Windows 10 .iso files What do I do with an .iso file? An .iso file is a direct image of a DVD. So you need to first download the file (they can be quite big), then you use CD / DVD Burning software. In Windows 10 its even simpler - just download the .iso file, then RIGHT click on the file and select 'Burn Disc Image'.

TO ADD - tips for fixing windows

Some tips and links from Ewen McNulty, IT Solution Specialist,

My recommend YouTube “channels” or “content creators” as they call themselves are listed below these are IT/ Computer related

  1. General computer stuff, in particular hardware related things is Carey Holzman – He’s an IT guy like myself who looks after business and home users. He has a little quick tips section on his YouTube page where he covers common questions that people ask. You can find his channel here

  2. This guy has a channel called TechGumbo at He covers some of the most basic things to advanced things with computers and technology. The link I have here is for the “Windows 10 Beginners guide” He also has an extensive playlist at

More advanced IT channels to check out are below, be warned though these are quite “techy” and you need a novice to advanced level of understanding for SOME things, not all. These guys are more of enthusiasts, but they do offer some super interesting things.

  1. Linus has Linus Tech Tips at He also has another channel called “techquickie” where he explains in under 7min what certain things mean, or what they are. These are fantastic videos because you can get the gist really quickly. For example he has a video on “whats the difference between i3, i5, and i7 CPUS?”

  2. Next is Jay from his YouTube channel – JayzTwoCents. This guys talk really technical stuff about the latest hardware and puts them to the test. He’s more of a tech enthusiast and not a professional IT guy (although he was before he became a YouTube creator so he does have experience in IT).

Unrelated IT stuff

Jordan B. Peterson PHD in Psychology – a world renowned psychologist. Fantastic individual, someone I would argue is the brightest most amazing personality of our life time. Jordan’s YouTube channel has 3 million subscribers and covers topics from self-improvement, religion and beliefs, philosophy, and what life is and what it means to be a human, but how we can and need to improve as individuals and as a society. Here is the link to his channel: