DIY Online Training

At the end of the day, you learn computers, tablets and smartphones by practicing. The same as how you learnt other life skills. Nobody can learn for you. You have to do it, to try things, to make 'learning opportunities' (aka mistakes). There is quite a bit of free online training available to help you and this page gets you started.

Step 1 - Ready. Make a resolution to have a go. To do a bit each day. Remember the club has Do Drop In Sessions to help you when you are stumped.

Step 2 - Set (Newbies may need help with this)

  1. Have your own email address (if you don't have one then click create a free google account that includes a gmail email address.Important: Record your email address and its password
  2. Click create a free Be Connected learner account. Make sure to select the correct location as your training centre. Click here for a handy sheet to record your details and progress.
  3. Important: Record your log on email address and its password

Why all the recording of Usernames and passwords? Each one of those accounts are separate items, just like different locks have different keys. And don't forget that passwords are always case sensitive, ie an uppercase F is totally different to a lowercase f. Passwords are the bane of our life so record them precisely.

Step 3 - Go!! Click the link that's relevant to your current skills and needs

Windows Basics covers starting and stopping your computer, mouse and keyboard operation, the desktop, the Start menu

Android Basics covers starting and stopping, basic controls, gestures, apps, the onscreen keyboard

iPod, iPad Basics relates to Apple type devices, starting and stopping, basic controls, gestures, apps and the on screen keyboard

Internet and emails explains the internet, connections to it, the email system and how to use one of the above devices to access internet and emails.

Of Use to Seniors is a page with a collection of items that are particularly relevant to seniors. eg MyGov, online banking, health

The Universe and Beyond covers anything else we can think of.