Android Basics

Android is an 'Operating System'. It is installed on smartphones and tablets by many manufacturers, eg Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, HTC, Medion, Huawei, and many many others. A problem is that each manufacturer customises the Android system to best suit their devices. This makes it difficult to create a generic tutorial. Plus, like the iOS system, the Android system gets updated regularly.

Android Basics Tutorial at GCFLearnFree is very good. Just do the tutorials in order

Complete Beginners at GadgetHacks website. They also have more advanced tutorials

Absolute Beginners Series has some online training and links to other free sources (NOT AVAILABLE as at 6/2019)

Be Connected, then click Topic Library, The absolute basics, What is a tablet.

Make Use Of explains how to set up your first Android smartphone They also have a free downloadable pdf version of this article.

How To Geek has a short beginners guide to getting started with an Android device

Telstra has short videos explaining Android devices at its Tech Savvy Seniors site

Some YouTube Videos that give clear tutorials without annoying voices and music.