Android Basics

Android is an 'Operating System'. It is installed on smartphones and tablets by many manufacturers, eg Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, HTC, Medion, Huawei, and many many others. A problem is that each manufacturer customises the Android system to best suit their devices. This makes it difficult to create a generic tutorial. Plus, like the iOS system, the Android system gets updated regularly.

  • Samsung has downloadable full manuals for its tablets and phones but they do seem tricky to find. As at Sep 2020 these are the links to web pages where you can download the full manual for the SM T510 Tab A 10.1" tablet and the SM-T290 Tab A 8" tablet If you have a different model (and there are plenty) then try googling for the model number manual, eg 'T515 manual'

  • Lenovo also has manuals and seem to be just as difficult to find. Go to this Lenovo site and then click on Tablets, select your model series and sub series. Best to have this written down first. This info maybe in fine print on the back of the device. Or go to Settings / System / About.