iPhone, iPad Basics

iPads and iPhones have come out in various versions over the years, plus different versions of the operating system (iOS). These links and videos may not necessarily relate exactly to the model and version of iOS that you have. But the basics are still the same.

To find what iOS your device has: Tap Settings, Navigate to General , then About and look for the Version number.

iPad Basics Tutorial at GCF Learn Free - just do the tutorials in order

iPhone Basics Tutorial at GCF Learn Free - just do the tutorials in order.

Be Connected, then click Topic Library, The absolute basics, What is a tablet.

12 Basic iPad lessons from Lifewire. Note the menu on the left side of the site.

A series of 15 YouTube videos explaining the iPhone 6

This link has oodles of videos about iPhone , iPad Apps. Just tolerate the US accent

Easy intro to iPad YouTube video

Apple has extensive guides online for both iPad and iPhone Operating Systems (iOS) . A suggestion is to have these guides open on a PC or smart TV and use your iPad to do the things they explain. You won't learn it all in one, or even several sessions.

User Guides for the iPad are: iPad Pro iOS12 iOS 11 iOS 10 iOS 9 iOS 8 iOS7

User Guides for the iPhone are: iOS11 iOS10 iOS9 iOS8 iOS7

Apple Support also offers online help for specific problems