The Universe & Beyond

Learning a computer or tablet is very much like learning any other skill such as driving a car. Its a 2 stage process:

  • Stage 1: learning how to use the car, road rules and get a licence
  • Stage 2: working out how to get from A to B - the possibilities are endless. Impossible to document.

And so it is with computers, tablets and smartphones. Once you have the basic skills then its up to you to figure out how to do the stuff you want to do. Only you can do the learning. This page will hopefully give you some 'road maps' (or GPS these days) to point you to where you can get help figuring that stuff out.

GCFLearnFree is an excellent site for tutorials. Just click on any of the topics to get started. Its all been developed by the Goodwill Foundation (Op Shops like our Sallies and Vinnies) in North Carolina. They decided to spend their profits educating people around the world.

YouTube is a fabulous resource of learning material on just about any item you can think of. Just use the search box at the top of the site, then the small Filter button at top right. Its worthwhile joining (free) so you can save a list of favourites, subscribe to channels etc. Or even have a go at making your own YouTube video! Here's one that I knocked up on internet banking

Google is another invaluable resource to learn how to do something. Some tips:

  • When you do get the results of a search then explore the links at the top of the results page such as Images, Shopping, News, Tools etc. Do take the time to become conversant with these extra links. Here's an example to explore those links at.
  • Googles Advanced Search can be very handy at times when you are trying to find more exact information. If trying to play 'Dr Google' then put in the site or domain box to restrict the results to just Australian government sites. Or try for uni type site or to only get organisations

WikiHow is another resource with useful info. Use the search box at the top. For eg enter the word router and push enter to see articles about modem/routers. Other computer like words to try, one at a time, are wifi, internet, ram, hard drive, keyboard, mouse, iPhone, tablet, android, usb, camera, family tree, photos, slideshow, dvd, facebook, youtube.

Whats a wiki? Its a special website that anyone can join and add information or add to or correct existing information. Why not join and add some information yourself. Its all free. We all have special skills that are worth sharing. Do a search for roses, knitting, fishing, golf, steak, stamps, tomato, flu, cramps, arthritis, nose. Or try the categories list.

Digital Unite is a UK site with quite a few IT related articles and guides. Definitely worth a browse. Or use its search box and use the same sort IT type terms as for WikiHow above.

Need help with your computer? Gizmos site lists 12 of the best places to get free help. There are others too - just google for free computer help. No guarantees.

Gizmos site is a great resource if you after free software. You do have to spend some time trawling around on it as its very extensive with plenty of reviews and links.

Instructables has oodles of instructions for all sorts of things. Many have nothing to do with computers. But try searching using the keywords I've put in the Wikihow text above. Plus try additional words like Excel, Word, Powerpoint.

eHow is another wiki like site with contributions from lots of people. Again, try using some of the search words mentioned earlier.

ASCCA has an extensive list of Self-Help links that are definitely worth exploring

Telstra Tech Savvy - Other Technology page has some useful short videos on a variety of tech stuff.

Anson Alex has quite a few video tutorials that appear interesting. He also has a Youtube Channel