"Do Drop In" Sessions


Our “Do Drop In Days” for one on one help:

  • are held in the RSL Auditorium.
  • times are Wednesday 1:00 pm 2:00 pm or 3:00 pm ( More if needed)
  • Booking is essential. Ring 4975 3360 or email westlake AT bigpond.net.au
  • cost is $5 for a 1 hour session

These special days are for all members who require help with anything to do with PC’s laptops, mobile phones and tablets etc. We can even show how to download photos from your camera, phone and tablets.

If you have an external hard drive we can show you how to make it and your various folders available in W7 Library and W10 File Explorer. It will make things a lot easier to navigate.

If you need help with Windows updates then we are your 'go to' people.

You must book in with Annette so we know in advance what is the gist of your problem. That way the right 'expert' can be available or can research your problem. Also please try to give a reasonable description of your issue, what program, when, how etc. Terms like 'the little green thing in the corner is not working' tends to frustrate experts.

We are there to help you. If we need to slot in extra time slots then so be it. IT WILL BE DONE!!

NOT a Computer Club member? And you need help? Then simply join the club.

If you after more structured training then check out our Training Workshops