Training Workshops

Our regular Workshops (ie Training Courses) have started up again. To attend these you MUST book in with the Tutor Coordinator Janice. If you have any queries' in relation to Tuition you need to contact Janice via her contact details in her Tuition News that is regularly emailed out to club members.

Course Availability: All courses are available on request. Bookings are essential. Current Workshops on offer are in the latest edition of Tuition News.

Cost: 1hr session $5, 2hr session $10. Most Workshops are of 1-2 hour duration. Payment for Workshops can be made at the club Information Days or via the methods in the Tuition News which is emailed out to members regularly.

Below is the full list of workshops in 2018. If you want a printout then go to Handouts and Resources

If you are having specific problems or need 1:1 help then check our 'Do Drop In' sessions


WINDOWS 7 Q & A Is available for members in their homes, if you have W7 as your operating system and require a refresher on any aspect of this program.

WINDOWS 10 Getting Started. Introduction to Windows 10 setting up your computer running to suit your requirements.

ADOBE PHOTO SHOP ELEMENTS Workshop. Available for enthusiasts of this very sophisticated Photo editing program who may require refreshing or the acquiring of new skills

WINDOWS 10 Email set-up You will learn how to set –up your account safely, send and receive emails securely, Contact List, Create Folders and more.

BASIC INTERNET Once you are connected to the internet with your security in place you will become familiar with menus and toolbars, set favourites, browse history, organise tabs and delete temporary internet files and cookies.

MICROSOFT WORD Workshop You will need to be familiar with your computer.

  • Apply Word Art
  • Insert a Drop Cap
  • Insert a picture add frames and other apply page colour shapes and various effects
  • Save a file
  • Print a document

FASTSTONE IMAGE VIEWER This is a free program easily downloaded from the internet. It is an image converter and renaming tool that allows users to convert, rename, resize, crop, rotate, change colour depth, add text and watermarks to images in a quick and easy way.

LIVE PHOTO GALLERY With this program you will use the powerful photo tools to create panoramas, Straighten photos and more

FLASH DRIVES, FILES & FOLDERS REVISION Learn how to create Folders for Pictures and Document files name a flash drive and to safe removal from computer, to record vital information so you do not lose data if your computer crashes

SOUNDS OF MUSIC Learn how to “rip” music from a CD and where to go to download music from the internet. Learn about WAV and Midi files.

It is suggested you do this workshop before undertaking Powerpoint, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery and Picasa, doing Sounds of Music will ensure you have the right type of music to add to your projects

PHOTO STORY 3 With Photo Story 3 a free download you will access your pictures learn how to rotate and crop, add effects, narrations and transitions, motion and duration, add pre-recorded music, saving your project. Burn your project to a CD to watch on your T.V.

MICROSOFT PAINT A free very useful program that comes with Windows discover the potential of Microsoft Paint there is lots you can do in Microsoft Paint such as remove unwanted objects from pictures and include subjects, working with colour palettes, crop and resize your pictures